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For displaced, misplaced, and nostalgic ex-Brooklynites

Survey No. 7: Because I Lived In Brooklyn...

A blend of whimsy and frivolity, spiced with a few more serious notions, presented in an easy-to-answer format, and we come up with an interesting ex-Brooklynite "profile". Just how did living in Brooklyn affect their personalities? If you can believe the trends portrayed by the results, you'd have to agree that a Brooklyn background will develop a cheesecake-loving, bargain-hunting, moderately-successful good driver who likes ethnic food more than kids or baseball, but has a good sense of humour. . Hmmm.... Sounds like some people I know from the Bronx!

We received a sizeable response in a short period: 136. Four of those had to be discarded because some individuals responded more than once. The percentages shown were calculated as a proportion of the responses to each question, since not everyone answered all them. 56% of the usable responses were from males, 41% from females, and 3% didn't provide an answer to the gender question. 60% of the responses were from ex-Brooklynintes who left before they were 31 years old, and 40% from those who left after 30. Thanks to everyone for participating!

responding TRUE
responding FALSE
I like ethnic food 93%07%
I can drive in any traffic conditions 88%12% More men responded TRUE to this than women by a 4-to-1 margin.
I know what good cheesecake tastes like 96%04%This question drew the most uniform responses of all, getting a TRUE from men and women and from those who left Brooklyn before age 31 and those who left after, all in relatively equal proportions.
I'm more tolerant of racial differences 74%26%Many more males who left Brooklyn after age 30 responded FALSE to this than others.
I'm more tolerant of religious differences 87%13%More females responded TRUE to this than males by a 2-to-1 margin
I speak with a distinct accent 68%32%Thirty-two percent say FALSE? You've got to be kidding...
I have a sense of humor 96%04%In pure numbers, this question received the largest number of TRUE responses, beating the Cheesecake question by 1.
I know what real suffering is 47%53%
I appreciate the arts 60%40%More women answered TRUE to this than men by a 3-to-1 margin.
I'm successful in life 74%26%
I'm weird 52%48%
Other people think I'm weird 63%37%
I know what a real bargain is 80%20%Although this received a fairly large number of TRUE responses, most were from those who left Brooklyn before age 31.
I have lots of friends 63%37%
My feet hurt me all the time 24%76%Almost all women made up the TRUE contingent on this one.
I can't be taken advantage of 59%41%
I have a bad temper 39%61%
I love children 71%29%Those who left Brooklyn before age 31 comprised the bulk of the TRUE responses to this one.
I love baseball 58%42%This was the most surprising result in the bunch. I expected 99% true.
I've never owned my own home 06%94%
I can still relate to The Honeymooners 79%21%
I know where I'm going 69%31%I guess a lot of those good drivers get lost occassionally...

Taken in a more universal manner, the last question may sum up the karma that Brooklyn instilled: two-thirds of you feel that living there was responsible for knowing where you're going after all these years. But then again, it also gave a quarter of you foot pains!

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