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How Do I Use This Search Tool?

You must provide search criteria using the entry and list boxes as follows:

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Enter whatever words, names, dates, etc. that you're looking for, separated by space. For example: 1954 brooklyn dodgers

Multiple Search Terms:
When you provide multiple search terms, you must indicate if you want to search for any or all of the terms Using the same example, if I select "find messages that contain ALL of the terms", then the tool will look for postings that contain all three words ("1954" and "brooklyn" and "dodgers").

Case Insensitivity or Sensitivity:
If you select Search should NOT CARE about upper or lower case, then the tool will try to find matches regardless of what case (upper or lower) you used. If you select MATCH EXACTLY by case, then it will only look for exact matches "to the letter". Using my example, if I selected "NOT CARE...", then it would find a match on "1954 Brooklyn Dodgers" even though I entered all lower case.

Once you've set up your search criteria, press the Search! button. A list of all posts that meet your criteria will be displayed.

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