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If you have a photograph that captures some recognizable block or neighborhood or landmark in Brooklyn,
we would love to add it to our gallery. Here are details on submitting your pictures.

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I took this picture, I think, in February of 1960. It broke my heart. The sign says it all: Next Game - Dodgers vs. ... . No more next game ever, in Brooklyn.

--Submitted by Les Le Gear

This was the intersection of Flatbush Avenue, Hanson Place and Ashland Avenue in the Fort Greene section. This was in 1927, just before the Williamsburgh Savings Bank building was constructed on that corner, and where it still stands today. Further back on Hanson Place you can see the Central United Methodist Church, which is also still there. To the right, out of view, would later be the Atlantic Terminal building.

--Submitted by Norm Smallheiser

This was the Brooklyn Fox Theater in 1970, just before it was demolished. I saw Murry the K and his rock n roll shows there in the fifties.

--Submitted by Paul H.

The fabulous rococo interior of the Fox Theater. It speaks for itself. There's nothing like it anywhere anymore.

--Submitted by Paul H.

This was Front Street at Camden Plaza under the Brooklyn Bridge, the very last time I visited Brooklyn in 1982.

--Submitted by Paul H.

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