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Posted by JOE COOL on Friday, January 17th 2020:

In Reply to: Re: MYSTERY posted by marie on Friday, January 10th 2020:

there are many age 66 and i would think im one of the younger ones here. and like others here i have have been here a very long time. and so i saw what this once was and what it now is. to be blunt it is dying a slow death,and although i will always wish it well, i dont see it having much of a future.

its like having a good friend who was there for most of your life and then for whatever reason you suddenly drift apart. if you then run into each other you are almost like strangers, with little to talk about, because you have been living in two differant worlds.

again there are many factors but one thing stands out at least to me. the failure to bring in the generations that followed us as we passed on or away. and thats not to blame us. no one on this site ever sent me an invite, i sought this site out on my own, because i had interest.

many years back i would be here daily, or even a few times in the same day. but as years passed and activity decreased i might now stop by here once or twice a month. i see little action, have little interest in the topics, and move on. no one misses me as an individual but many others have done just what i have and in those larger numbers they are missed.content and volume is what makes others stop by and engage.

i have often told this story. brooklyn for decades and generations was pretty much stable and predictable. i grew up where my parents did and their parents before them. 3 generations spanning over 60 years. many in the same building or block or maybe a couple of blocks away.

every year the corner candy store would sell small inexpensive toys based on the season. spalding rubber balls, spinning tops, water guns, yo yos, punks, kites,balsa wood planes, baseball cards etc. we did these things year after year, season after season. in addition we would play johnny on the poney, ring o leaveo , skelly,etc, and over a dozen type of street ball games with the spalding. we built scooters out of skate wheels, a wood milkbox, and a 2 x 4. if a bay carriage was put out in the trash,we would take off the wheels and axles and built a soap box car. we would pick up scrap wood, soda bottles in vacant lots for deposit and cash them in to buy nails and bolts. we would stick gum on the tip of a bamboo pole and fish for coins under the nostrand ave subway grating.

but then suddenly my generation was the last one to do any of this. when i was a young boy too young to play some of the games because i wasnt yet allowed in the street, i watched the boys older then me play and learned the games and waited for my time to come . but no generation watched me or followed me. it all ended by the late 1960s possibly the early 70s at the latest.

much of that had to do with the mass exodus. many families moved away, and then many candy stores closed down. the places many went didnt have the same history and traditions that were passed down generation to generation.

and so we come here to sometimes relive that place and time. we have that common bond that those who followed us did not have. so why would they seek us out and come here and join us. as we go the site will go, because with rare exception similar to those brooklyn streets there are none coming in behind us who appreciate it and want to carry it on.

this site is a once size fits all and it has limitations, no links and photos. more importantly it also has much competition from many other sites that came after it. every day i visit a dozen specialty sites that satisfy my life interests. this site is limited to brooklyn and as much as i loved brooklyn and still do, my interests go beyond it. still if i read something interesting here il jump in, but it seems to happen less and less. and yes i can post here to initiate activity but replies would be minimal,and im now doing that now on other sites that have much more activity and interaction.

all things must harrison 1970

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