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18th Anniversary of Sept. 11th, 2001

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Posted by Nate Goldman on Tuesday, September 10th 2019:

I am mentioning 9/11/01, because there were many workers from Brooklyn, who worked at the World Trade Center. Tomorrow marks a very sad day, in the history of our country. Eighteen years ago, I was leaving a gym, after a morning workout, when I heard the news on the car radio. When I came home and turned on the television, to say that I was shocked and dismayed, would have been an understatement. I tried to call relatives in Brooklyn, but could not get through for several days, either by landline, or by cell phone. I was finally able to call relatives in New Jersey. I later learned that a nephew from Brooklyn was scheduled to have a meeting at the World Trade Center that morning. Fortunately, he arrived just after the attack. As he was coming out of the subway,the South Tower collapsed, and some people ushered him into a building, and gave him water. He was able to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, where some friends in downtown Brooklyn gave him a ride home. My brother knew one of the victims, named Abe Zelmonowitz. Abe chose to stay with a paraplegic co-worker, who could not walk down the stairs of the north tower. Abe was later honored posthumously by President Bush. When I drove into NYC, some five months later ln March, 2002, I saw American flags on many overpasses of the interstate highways, which I drove on. It was a very moving site. At Ground Zero, five months after the attacks, construction crews were still clearing the site. The area at that time looked like a ghost town, as there were very few pedestrians (outside of construction workers) around. I was really surprised to see a few sidewalk vendors in the area, selling postcards, which showed one of the planes, just before it crashed into the south tower. Some seven years later, in 2009, I came back to the site, and was amazed how vibant the area became, with a lot of people and development in the area. I saw the new Freedom Tower being built. In 2016, I returned to the area, and went to the Freedom Tower. The view from the top, in my opinion, was even better from the Empire State Building. Also, the memorial wall at the plaza near the Freedom Tower with the names of the victims, was very moving. I chose not to go to the actual 9/11 Museum, as it would have been very sad, to relive those events, by seeing the artifacts on display. Incidentally, immediately following the attacks, there were still some survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor, who witnessed the towers burning, from New Jersey. They stated that some sixty years later, they still had the same sense of helplessness, that they felt at Pearl Harbor, as they wanted to do something, but couldn't.

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