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Re: Di Faro Pizza

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Posted by JOE COOL on Sunday, September 1st 2019:

In Reply to: Re: Di Faro Pizza posted by dave f on Thursday, August 29th 2019:

the pizza man subject clearly isnt about immigration yet you chose to make it that.i only made reference to a new york city mayor and new york governor both of who have a democrat party majority.and since they have gotten those political majorities everyday i pick up a newspaper i read about how they are changing laws or not enforcing laws only for the benefit of criminals and illegal immigrants,who sometimes are one in the same.

new york democrat lawmakers in the city council and state assembly and senate clearly are determined to make their lives more pleasant and comfortable while pretty much ignoring all those who dont belong to those groups.and both the mayor and governor also do so to promote themselves to the nation as who is the top dog progressive new york represenative. its almost competition like between them,a game of can you top this. and they both do so because they somehow see themsleves as future possible presidential candidates.

deblasio recently changed the law to allow nyc housing to be made available to illegals .that does not help it hurts americans seeking housing. he should direct his interest and energy to the many ongoing problems within his problem plagued nyc housing authority .

you mentioned everify. i and the majority of americans support everify.that is one subject where most of the american people could agree on .but we are not the lawmakers ,and those lawmakers are from both political parties who choose to pretty much ignore it. but failure to enforce everify hurts americans seeking employment,and also helps to lower wages for all american workers.

in my original post i made mention of the irs this story but this is a new york state tax issue . the governor has made it clear he will not nothing to help the pizza man. but anyone who doesnt pay state taxes would more then likely avoid paying any other taxes.

its really very simple. all people need to pay taxes, and obey the laws.
and when they dont they need to be held accountable, not helped and coddled.
if the mayor wants to help the pizza man all he need do is advise him to contact the state tax agency to structure a payment plan to pay his back taxes.

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