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Re: Right Turn on Red in Brooklyn

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Posted by Nate Goldman on Saturday, August 31st 2019:

In Reply to: Re: Right Turn on Red in Brooklyn posted by Barb on Friday, August 30th 2019:

I agree, 100%. It appears that there are drivers who don't even know what directional signals are, as they never use them. Then, there is the other extreme regarding drivers who fail to turn their directional signals off. Thus, one doesn't know if they intend to change lanes, or if they are absent minded. Another crazy driving habit which I've noticed on the highways, is when one tries to legally pass a slow moving driver (who is in the right lane), by accelerating in the left lane. For whatever reason, there are some drivers who can't stand when someone tries to pass them, no matter how slow they are going. They will deliberately speed up, and make passing them hazardous. Even when I've managed to legally pass such drivers,leaving them plenty of room, and using my signal, they will still speed up, to make my passing them as difficult as possible. Afterwards, they will tailgate, in an effort to harass me; essentially, that is another form of road rage. I may have mentioned that about ten years ago, while visiting Brooklyn, I was on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, with a rented car with North Carolina plates, which I had just rented at a car rental establishment, near LaGuardia Airport. There was a lot of traffic on the BQE, and some character in back of me, started honking his horn at me, while we were all stuck in traffic, and just sitting there. In his demented mind, he thought that by honking his horn, it would make traffic move. In any event, when traffic started moving again, he passed me. I made the mistake of blowing my horn at him. Hence, in order to retaliate, he deliberately changed lanes, cut in front of me, and then applied his brakes, in an effort to harass me, for honking my horn. He had been going about 60mph, when he applied his brakes. Fortunately, I don't tailgate, so I was able to slow down. One has to be especially careful these days, because there are drivers who carry guns, and will use them, at the drop of a hat. There was a case in Alabama a few years ago, whereby two female motorists kept playing cat and mouse on a highway, with each trying to cut the other one off. Finally, they both exited the highway, and one made a fatal error by coming out of her car, to confront the other motorist. The motorist in the other car remained seated. However, when the first motorist, who was unarmed, came over to her, the motorist who was seated in the second car, took her gun out, and shot the motorist on foot dead. She claimed that "she felt threatened". She served over five years in jail, for killing the other motorist. As I stated before, driving is not what it used to be.

Reference ID: BK95952


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