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Re: Right Turn on Red in Brooklyn

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Posted by Nate Goldman on Friday, August 30th 2019:

In Reply to: Re: Right Turn on Red in Brooklyn posted by dave f on Thursday, August 29th 2019:

Where I live in Columbus, Ohio, in addition to reckless drivers, we have a lot of incompetent drivers. For example, I've never been able to understand in all of these years, why there are drivers who insist upon following too closely, when they have ample time to change lanes. Also, when the light changes from red to green, they will think for five seconds or even longer whether or not to proceed. In Brooklyn, the motorists in back would have been blasting their horns, at such an occurrence. In the residential subdivision where I live, I've noticed many times, that there are drivers who persist upon backing their cars out of their driveways quickly, without exercising caution, or looking where they are going. They are completely oblivious to cars who have the right of way, and are proceeding down the street. In addition to slowing down, one has to blast their horns continuously at those drivers, until they stop, if they stop at all! I've also noticed people who walk or jog in the middle of the street, when they can safely do so on the side of the street, or on the sidewalk. They insist on walking two or three abreast, causing cars to swerve, and will give motorists that look as if to say "get lost". They could care less, about traffic safety. There are also the sadistic drivers, who seem to get worse, when the weather changes. One would think that when there is rain, or snow and ice on the roads, that drivers would exercise a little more caution. Unfortunately, inclement weather seems to bring out the worst in some people. Here, drivers seem to get more reckless, the worse that the weather becomes. There also is the problem of passing on narrow residential streets. In Brooklyn, streets are designated one way. For example, Westminster Road runs north to south, Argyle Road runs south to north, Rugby Road runs north to south, etc. However, in my neighborhood, all of the streets, now matter how narrow, are all two way; plus, parking is permitted at all times on both sides. Hence, there are times when traffic is proceeding in both directions on a narrow street, with cars parked on both sides. The situation frequently arises where a driver coming from the other direction will race to see if he/she can pass first, without yielding the space to the other driver. This phenomenon has even occurred when snow has piled up along the side of a street, and one driver coming from the opposite direction will race to beat out the driver coming the other way, in an effort to pass first. It is rare that one driver on a narrow two lane residential street, will slow down for the other driver, coming in the opposite direction. One year, a retired taxi driver from Brooklyn moved here. He told me that he was shocked at what I just mentioned, as he also experienced that problem. Last, I've noticed that some drivers at night will use blinding headlights on those narrow residential streets, without regard to dimming them, out of courtesy to other drivers. What more can I say; I guess that there are reckless and incompetent drivers all over. Driving no longer is fun, as it once was, when we first learned how to drive in Brooklyn. The driving schools should emphasize safety and courtesy, when they teach students how to drive.

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