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Posted by Nate Goldman on Friday, July 19th 2019:

In Reply to: Re: LEARNING HOW TO DRIVE IN BROOKLYN, NY posted by davef on Friday, July 19th 2019:

Dave, Mazel Tov on your birthday! Regarding Boca Raton, I meant to tell you that my wife and I used to enjoy going to the Festival Flea Market, which was about 14 miles south of Boca, off I-95. There were a lot of booths with various merchandise such as sunglasses, hats, watches, table cloths, purses for my wife, shoes, slippers, sneakers, etc. There were times that I even thought of opening a booth there. One time, I bought a very nice hat with a wide brim to protect me from the Florida sun. Several months later, my wife and I were again visiting Boca, and we came back to the Festival Flea Market. I happened to pass the booth where I bought that hat on my previous visit, and was wearing that hat. All of a sudden, the owner from that booth, came in my direction, and very suspiciously demanded to know where I bought that hat from. What chutzpah he had, when he shouted "HEY, WHERE DID YOU BUY THAT HAT FROM". I calmly told him that I had been there several months earlier, and bought it from his booth. He didn't say a further word, and never apologized, for his suspicious attitude. I had a similar incident, at the West Palm Beach Airport. We had just landed, and were proceeding to the baggage claim area. I saw my luggage, and started to remove it from the carousel. I noticed that there were several people from the New York area, in that location, as their flight was apparently using the same luggage carousel. All of a sudden, some character from that group shouted to me "HEY, IS THAT YOUR LUGGAGE". I immediately showed him my name tag, and I sarcastically stated "Is your name Goldman". Again, that person never apologized, as he could have asked me about the luggage, in a courteous manner, instead of becoming confrontational. In this case, the guy's granddaughter offered an explanation stating "Well, it looked like his luggage".

We used to eat at a delicious restaurant in Boca called Grill Time, which was on Glades Road. It was not inexpensive, but the food was outstanding. There was also a Chinese restaurant called Orchid Gardens on LaFontana Blvd. Unless one came there early, that place was always packed. One time, my wife and I came early, and we were promptly seated. Shortly after we started eating, a very large line formed, and people had to wait outside for a long time. We were seated near a window, and people who were on the long line outside, were watching us eat, with envy!

Last, I was not that impressed with the West Boca Medical Center, pertaining to the kind of help, which was employed there.

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