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Posted by Nate Goldman on Wednesday, July 17th 2019:

In Reply to: Re: LEARNING HOW TO DRIVE IN BROOKLYN, NY posted by Barb on Wednesday, July 17th 2019:

Barb, I forgot to mention in my posting, that when I was taking driving lessons from my family, it was on the 1951 Buick, which had standard transmission. The most difficult part to learn, was properly coordinating the clutch. I remember that my Dad told me not to let the clutch up too fast; otherwise, the car would start vibrating. First gear was probably the hardest gear to work the clutch with. However, once I got into second gear, and especially to third gear, it was smooth sailing. While driving on Ocean Parkway, and coming to a light, I had to remember to depress the clutch completely, and place the gear in neutral. Another difficult thing with that Buick, was that it lacked power steering. Hence, with that car, it was really a challenge to learn how to parallel park, since one really had to tug at the wheel, to turn the wheels in time, to properly parallel park. One time, my Dad decided to give my Mother driving lessons with the Buick. She placed the car in first gear, and we were moving forward. Then, when it came to second gear, she had to raise the transmission control, and push it away from her. However, she raised the control, and pulled it towards her, inadvertently placing the car in reverse. One minute we were moving forward, and all of a sudden, we were moving backwards. My Father went ballistic, and told my Mother that he would never give her driving lessons again, which he didn't. I sincerely regret that my brother abandoned that car in 1967, as I would have fixed it up. The last time that I used that car, was in 1964, when it was by mistake left on the wrong side of the street, during alternate side street parking. Incidentally, I also had a Chevy Nova (1972). The Chevy Nova was the only car which I've ever owned, which had a built in swimming pool! Every time that it rained, there was always a flood in the trunk. To this day, I don't know why they couldn't fix that problem. One time, I took that car to the Sears auto repair department, and had them install air-conditioning. It wasn't as good as factory built a/c, and the unit leaked. Prior to leaving Brooklyn, I was able to renew my license by mail. Afterwards, they required either an in person eye test, or a note from an eye specialist or physician. In Ohio, we have to renew our licenses every four years, and take an in-person eye test. In other states, it is every six or eight years.

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