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Re: Cooling off from the heat and humidity in Brooklyn, NY

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Posted by Nate Goldman on Monday, July 8th 2019:

In Reply to: Re: Cooling off from the heat and humidity in Brooklyn, NY posted by on Monday, July 8th 2019:

Thank you very much, Rich, for your kind and thoughtful comments. If I can brighten someone's day vis-a-vis our fond memories of Brooklyn, then it was certainly worth it. Regarding the beach, that is one thing that I miss, since I live in the landlocked state of Ohio. There are actually people living here in the Midwest, whom I've met, who have never seen an ocean in their entire life! There is one other memory which I'd like to share, regarding Riis Park, and a summer day, which occurred back in 1955. Prior to our trip to Riis Park, in our 1951 Buick Special,(which was built like a tank), my Father made us a delicious lemonade drink that he would prepare in a large jug, full of ice; and, my Mother made those delicious roast beef sandwiches that she would prepare, for all of us. In addition, my Father brought a gigantic beach umbrella, which not only provided ample shade, but also had several spokes, which we used to hang our clothes and towels on. In addition, we brought several folding beach chairs with us. The smell of the ocean air was wonderful, and in addition to seeing the NYPD helicopters going by, with those large black pontoons, we would also see a number of single engine planes flying back and forth with various advertising banners. I can't remember exactly what those banners stated, but I believe that they were advertising various consumer products, as well as specific radio stations. In any event, my younger brother, myself, and my parents decided to go into the ocean to cool off. I remember that particular day, as if it was yesterday, as there were unusually large waves. We didn't think anything of the waves, as we were only standing no more than 20-25 feet feet from the shore. We saw the waves breaking in the distance, and wrongly assumed that by the time that a wave would come near us, its intensity would have decreased. Well, we were all wrong; all of a sudden, one particular wave not only did not decrease in its intensity, but seemed to speed up. It was as if it was a mini-tsunami, and it was very high! It was a gigantic wave, similar to one that was seen at the beginning of the old tv series, "Hawaii 5-0". It slammed into the four of us, as well as other bathers who were nearby. We all were knocked down, and I could feel the strong undertow of the current. I didn't know what hit us, and never experienced a wave of that magnitude before (nor have I since). I got up, as well as my parents. However, my seven year old brother was missing! My Mother started screaming frantically for him, as he was nowhere in sight. Fortunately, my Father found him very quickly, and pulled him out from under the water, perhaps 10-15 feet in front of us. To this day, I don't know how he found him. My brother was alright, but a little shaken up. After that, we all retreated to the safety of the beach umbrella and chairs, and enjoyed the delicious sandwiches, and lemonade. Somehow, the sandwiches always tasted better on the beach. Also, There were always a number of sea gulls, and even pidgeons who would come looking for food. They were not afraid of humans, and each one had their own route. Towards the late afternoon, it was always sad to leave Riis Park, and begin the return trip home, as the beach was very relaxing. Even in those days, there was a lot of traffic in the vicinity of the approach to the Marine Parkway Bridge, both going and returning. If the EZ Pass existed at that time, it certainly would have speeded up the process. Also, there was no exact change lanes, where someone could just throw in ten cents. As I mentioned in my prior message, the intense heat and humidity on Flatbush Avenue, hit us right in the face. However, we always looked forward to our return trip to Riis Park. The last time that I was there, was in 1973, with my wife, and Father.

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