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Posted by JOE COOL on Saturday, June 15th 2019:

In Reply to: d day posted by JOE COOL on Thursday, June 6th 2019:

first off
no hard feelings dave. we all have bad days. been there done that.
peace to all.

group activity
ive been in this group around 25 years .
and remember the days of much greater membership and activity.
that is gone, but we are still here.

there were some talented posters then who kept the board lively. not only for their posts but for the many responses that would follow. in my opinion bill boggs also known as mainman was the best. sadly he passed away in 2004, thats was 15 years ago. i would think many other have passed away since then ,and some others might be incapacitated. those who left have not been replaced by others who keep things moving. im 65 and i would think one of the younger members here.

big bands
in my life it was a good brooklyn memory ,because that is where i always heard it. whenever there was music being played at house parties or at special events in catering halls, there was always a segment of big band music being played.

the big bands were only around for a short period of time, roughly late 1930s to the end of the war. some bands lingered on but with little to no commercial success. the trend was then much smaller bands like the vegas act louie prima and his wife keely smith and the witnesses. the last big band hit to chart was as late as 1957, so rare, by jimmy dorsey.

brooklyn social gatherings was how i got to know of and appreciate the big bands. that big band music was played for decades of my life until eventually there were only a very small number left from that generation to play it for,and then it stopped.

i lived there from 1953 to 1978...the first 25 years of my life.
someone on another brooklyn forum recently asked me if exact boundaries existed, they did not. if you ask 10 people you will more then likely get 10 different answers.for any who never heard of it or might have some interest il define it as roughly , empire blvd.on the north to winthrop st. on the south. rogers ave on the west ,and schenectady ave on the east. the area has since been renamed wingate after the h.s. that was built there in the 1950s.

some notables some more so then others who once lived in pigtown...veronica lake, barbra streisand, barbara boxer, rudy giuliani, frank tepedino, joe esposito, joan lombardi, gil hodges, beverly sills, freddy dename, lou eppolito, paul vance, caroline hirsch perrone, tommy prisco, tony polito, marty markowitz, mae west, joe paterno, ernest borgnine, mike strofolino, scott fine,and state supreme court judge tony jordan.

this was my post about the pigtown boundaries.

that question will sometimes come up, and like some other neighborhoods there are really no exact boundaries . its not like we can view maps with pigtown printed on them and if we could even then maps dont show exactly where neighborhoods begin and end. unless of coarse they highlight and outline them which rarely happens, because often even the map makers are not totally sure.

another factor is what point in time time. in the later 1800s its boundaries were probably at its largest, and a number of books will mention ebbets field being built in pigtown. but none of us ever thought of that area as pigtown. and if you lived up the hill north of empire in beautiful brick homes you would quickly drop the pigtown name for a much more pleasant sounding crown heights as soon as some developer created that name.

then as years passed development reduced its size, it was during the 1920s the area saw the most development. dirt roads were elevated and covered over, utilities were installed and a street grid was put in place. as a result some of the older homes were then below street grade.

but long after the last pig farm was gone,and i have no idea when that was, the name stayed in spite of it . but the pigtown of the 1940, 50, and 60s when many of us lived there was when it was at its smallest .

i came across this article where a writer only named joy who did his or her research defined its boundaries. but the writer did so based on a specific year 1921 when that map was printed . i doubt many here would agree. bottom line, we all have a general idea of the boundaries on which we agree, but none of us really know for sure .
i cannot post a web address here for the pigtown map and story.
if any are interested go to google images type in search box, pigtown brooklyn map. it will come up first in the upper left corner on a brooklyn public library site.

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