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Posted by JOE COOL on Saturday, June 8th 2019:

In Reply to: Re: d day posted by dave f on Thursday, June 6th 2019:

"It would be great if we could get along with our true allies like we did in the past"

we do get along...i get along very well with my family but every once in awhile we have disagreements.but we work it out and we move on. and yes you didnt mention names only because it wasnt necessary, because we know what you meant.

simply because like so many others you were quick to blame america. never thinking perhaps maybe its our allies. but here are the facts . we have been taken advantage of by both friend and foe for far too long. and both our political parties are to blame, because they have not only tolerated it but allowed it to continue over decades.

you like games so il play your game and i wont mention names either but someone is taking a stand and saying enough already, america first .but i would think you and those like you have a a problem with that .

but that doesnt mean america alone, that means america first, and why the hell not. and why is the wearing of a cap with the phrase ,make america great again, suddenly a punishable offense .

heres the deal. we have a 22 trillion dollar national debt and its growing. we cant properly take care of who is now here yet we continue to import poverty dependent on taxpayer funded social programs in ever increasing numbers. and so if we defend our allies , they need to pay their fair share for the cost of that defense. and they shouldnt have even had to be asked. if year after year our allies or non allies are eating our lunch with trade deals that greatly favor them at our expense that add to our debt, then it should be very clear those deals need to be renegotiated. and if we ask allied nations to discontinue trade with those nations we have determined to be hostile to the peace process, they should value us before them. because they owe us a lot more then we owe them,and they should know that as well.

but you just couldnt appreciate the day for what it was . an anniversary to remember and celebrate the greatness of america and the sacrifices of so many americans. you had to find some way, any way to distract from the subject almost like it was an effort for you to give america and those americans both the credit and respect that was earned and well deserved on that solemn day .

and you chose to do that by making some unfounded, misguided charge that america suddenly no longer treats its allies well. and when you do that, you dont treat america well.

my apologies to barb for violating guidelines.
i do follow them but when someone else doesnt im gonna challenge their remarks rather then allowing them to go unchallenged.

since im already ignoring guidelines i might as well continue.
big bands im a big fan. my favorite was charlie barnet.then there was artie shaw, glenn miller,and count basie. im a drummer and so i also always liked gene krupa with benny goodman.

vocalists, frank sinatra, , tony bennett, vic damone, doris day, keeley smith, helen o connell, rosemary clooney, and brooklyn own the lovely lena horne.

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