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Re: Who says you cant go home?

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Posted by Nate Goldman on Saturday, March 16th 2019:

In Reply to: Re: Who says you cant go home? posted by Matty from Flatbush on Saturday, March 16th 2019:

I remember Mrs. Warshauer; I felt badly for her, because of her physical disability. In retrospect, I give her credit for still being able to teach, in spite of her Parkinson's Disease. Also, I also remember Mrs. Brickman, and vaguely Miss Kandel. Regarding the Principal, Dorothy Bildersee, without notice, she would routinely pop into a classroom and state "Good morning children". Everyone was expected to answer "Good morning Miss Bildersee". She wore clothes at that time, which must have been bought many years ago. Also, she wore a monocle, which would fit over one eye. In the Spring of 1955 (6th grade), someone (or a conspiracy of more than one person), in our class, set off a firecracker in the clothing closet, which was adjacent to our desks. I remember that it made a very large sound. It has been sixty four years, and to this date, I still don't know who did it. However, Bildersee, and her cohorts must have assumed that the boys knew who did it. Hence, she used her authority to harass and intimidate us. She had all of the boys march down to her office, and we had to stand there facing the wall, silently for a period of time. In other words, we were all guilty until proven innocent. I heard some of the boys stating that if "anyone snitched, they would all beat him up after school". In any event, when Bildersee finally retired in June, 1955, after many years, I was relieved. She was no friend of mine, as I remember another unpleasant interaction with her, which occurred two years earlier. In May, 1953, I had emergency surgery, and was off from school for several weeks. When I returned, I had authorization to leave slightly earlier, (for a brief period of 1-2 weeks), by waiting by the Principal's office, where my Mother would pick me up. One time, as my Mother and I were about to leave, that character Bildersee came out of her office, and confronted my Mother, even though we had a Doctor's note. I don't know what her problem was, but I remember her hassling my Mother about coming to pick me up, even though we had authorization. My Mother tried to explain to Bildersee why she was there, but one could not reason with her. Hence, even though Bildersee finally retired in 1955, I was shocked when someone not only invited her to attend our 8th grade graduation ceremony, two years later, but actually invited her to speak. She had the gall to state "Children, I've miss all of you". I remember thinking to myself that "I did not miss you". In 1991, nearly forty years after the run-in with Bildersee, my Mother and I, as well as someone else from the 1957 class, were reminiscing about Bildersee and that incident.

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