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Re: Who says you cant go home?

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Posted by Nate Goldman on Friday, March 15th 2019:

In Reply to: Re: Who says you cant go home? posted by Matty from Flatbush on Friday, March 15th 2019:

P.S. 217, what memories I have of that school! I attended 217 from September, 1949 (1st grade), through June 25, 1957 (8th grade). Previously, I attended P.S. 164, for Kindergarden. We were in the last 8th grade graduating class in the then thirty year history of 217. The first grade with Mrs. Robinson was fine; the second grade with Mrs. Selco was not that great as she was very strict, and kept us in after school for a minor accidental mishap. She would actually inspect the length of our fingernails, to look for dirt, and also to see if they were trimmed short enough! She would give us a demerit if they were not short enough. I wonder what she would say today, pertaining to how kids dress. I had Mrs. Reagan in the third grade, who was also not that good. She stated "I want to talk to your parents". In those days, you were guilty until proven innocent. In the fourth grade, I had the best teacher ever, namely Mrs. Wengraf, of blessed memory. She was the kindest educator that I ever had! I had Mrs. Goldstein in the 5th grade; that woman never knew how to smile. In the 6th grade, I had Mrs. Mandeberg, who everyone was afraid of. I believe that we later had Mrs. Bess Dubron for the remainder of the the grade term. She was very sweet, and supportive of us. The 7th grade proved to be a challenge, as there were a variety of teachers. The worst (whom I believe that I had in both the 6th and 7th grade) was Mr. Kaminski who taught us shop. To this day, I don't know why they had to force us to take that course. I was never good at woodworking or sawing a piece of wood. Kaminski would routinely rebuke, belittle, and embarrass people, whose woodworking skills were not good. I also had Max Proshan, who was a decent teacher. However, he was timid, and the students would harass him, and call him "Max" to his face. Also, I had Harry Shapiro for Science. I didn't like him, as he was a pompous, arrogant, individual. Also, during this time, I Mrs. Henrietta M. Prentky. She would later become our home room teacher in the 8th grade. There was also Miss Kieselbach, who was a nasty music teacher, who screamed at the class for bringing in a Chanukah dreidel. She yelled loudly "Don't you bring religion into class". I guess that she didn't consider her teaching the class religious songs, during the holiday season, as having to do with religion. I still remember the look of hatred in her eyes when she looked at me, and screamed at the class. I wasn't even playing with the dreidle. Last, in the 8th grade, we had Mrs. Cibeli, Mrs. Bernice Galitzer, a music teacher, and a number of other substitute teachers, until Mrs. Prentky took over the class, in Feb., 1957. I remember she kept telling us that "you won't get any high school recommendations from me" whenever she would become annoyed at some students. I forgot to mention some other "beauties" at 217, namely Miss McNulty, who came charging at me in the hallway and yelled "I'll kill you". Then, there was Miss Neenan the Assistant Principal, Miss Driscoll, another Assistant Principal, and Miss Dorothy Bildersee, the Principal. I won't even get started on my memories of her. There was a fine gentleman, who took over as Principal for Miss Bildersee, namely, Mr. Nathan Dessot. Unfortunately, he died very young of a heart attack, in 1960.

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