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how far weve come

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Posted by jack delaney on Friday, March 8th 2019:

As I enter my 8th decade, I thought I'd go back and forward in time and reminisce.. So there I am , sitting on my stoop on Prospect Place. I chose 1950 as a mid date and went back to 1870 and forward to today. Don't hold me to the dates as they are probably not accurate but close
So what was Prospect Place like in 1870?
No Electricity (maybe gas lighting), no refrigerators, no ACs or even fans, no phones no Dodgers, no cars or even trolleys, the Brooklyn Bridge was nearing completion, there was a fire watchtower between the Museum and Library (actually there was no library) on Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn was still its own city,the large Italian and Irish immigration was in full swing, no supermarkets, I'm not sure there were any subways, no airplanes, no radios, couple of world wars, no ball point pens. Across from 382 was a small farm house which must have survived all that time. Don't know if the streets were even paved.

Well Brooklynites survived all those "lacks".By 1950 all of the above had been implemented in one form or another

So lets fast forward to the future (1950 on)
Now we have TV (large screen , in color and reliable) Transistor radios,the internet, Phones that do everything but make your coffee, Jet Planes. instant news from all over the world, medical care that gets better and better, Social security and Medicare, checking accounts,buying stuff on line cars that will run for 100K miles, sattelites that provide GPS and TV broadcasting, even gone to the moon.
So there you have it --- 150 years (or so) of the progress of Brooklyn
Ironically --- still no Dodgers !!!!

Jack Delaney

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