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Re: Brooklyn Board Going Away?

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Posted by JOE COOL on Saturday, December 23rd 2017:

In Reply to: Brooklyn Board Going Away? posted by aaron on Wednesday, December 20th 2017:

the reality is this site has been on life support for quite some time. those of us who have been here for many years are aware of what it once was. it was a thriving site, with many members and much activity. why it has been dying a slow death i dont know. nor do i know if it was only because of lack of adequate funding. i have to think activity and operating costs go hand in hand.

i am a member of a drumming forum. once a year the site owner creates a thread and asks for donations to keep it up and going. they have many members and always get enough money to do so. i dont visit here as often as i used to but i dont recall ever being solicited for a donation.
i was never aware this site was in danger of shutting down because there was possibly a funding problem until this post.

here i feel there are either not enough active members or more importantly active posters myself included to keep it going. at some point it comes down to is the cost worth the effort or reward. or the owner has enough money of their own just to keep it alive for the love of it.

something else worth mentioning is the group demographic, specifically what is the average age here .i suspect it is older people,im 64 and feel like im among the youngest. of coarse i have no way of knowing but my point is this.

every summer i help organize a pigtown reunion. when i mention pigtown here only some older people would even know what im talking about. but every year we have difficulty getting people to attend. because every year some either pass away, go into elder care facilities, move far away to be with family,
or dont have the energy to make the trip. so we continually lose people.

the problem is we cant gain any younger people to take their place because during the 60s-70s our neighborhood like many others had a mass exodus.
so there was a cutoff, if you didnt experience that time and place why would you want to attend the reunion. i dont think we have young people coming here because they cant relate to or appreciate most of the topics.
the exception being those who are either nostalgic or have an interest in brooklyn history.

i have been a long time member, and i still enjoy this forum.
im confident many of us would donate, but i dont think there are that many of us. its kinda sad to see where it once was compared to where it is today.
im not too optimistic it will survive, but hopefully im wrong.

merry christmas and happy chanukah to all who observe and celebrate.
happy holidays to all others . we shall see what the new year brings.
que sera,sera... what will be will be.

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