For displaced, misplaced, and nostalgic ex-Brooklynites

Brooklyn Diary

The Brooklyn Diary is a collection of narratives written by folks who grew up in Brooklyn and are willing to share a special moment of their past with you.

This collection will hopefully help us keep our Brooklyn heritage alive, and jog some of those memory cells before they fade away into oblivion. If you're willing to reach back and re-animate those memories (wonderful, tragic, funny or sad), you can add your page to our diary. See below for information on adding your "page" to our diary.

June 10, 2020The Day Arnie's Mom Went Crazy by Ken Thompson
July 10, 2007Stickball by Bob Muir
April 06, 2006The Throw and Other Things: An Ebbets Field Experience by Thomas Brennan
February 07, 2006The Dating Game by Thomas Brennan
June 06, 2005World War II Era Fishing - Reflections of an Old Ex-Brooklynite by Don Schorr
December 01, 2004The Perfesser by Ken Thompson
March 10, 2004Brooklyn 1938 - Jews and Protestants by Walter M. Jackman
December 30, 2003The Green Line Straphanger by Jerry Murphy
November 20, 2003Thanksgiving and School Spirit by Ken Thompson
September 26, 2003Ruth, A Brooklyn Woman by Ken Thompson
July 24, 2003Brooklyn, Lupita and I by Carmen Margaret Thurman
January 28, 2003The Cathedral by Gene Tashoff
January 06, 2003A Child Grows In Brownsville by Alexander Durant
December 18, 2002Unknown Legends by Siobhan Barry-Bratcher
November 06, 2002The Burger Rail Diner: A Brooklyn Lesson by Ken Thompson
October 08, 2002Memories of ENY Brooklyn by John Bilitsky
September 24, 2002Brooklyn Is My Hometown by Ken Thompson and Dave Lauser
September 11, 2002Whatever Happened to Belle? by Albert J. Silverstein
August 16, 2002Growing up in East New York - A Walking Tour by Alan Katz
July 26, 2002A Brooklyn Dodger Fan by Ken Thompson
June 21, 2002Handball Days by Ken Davidoff
April 21, 2002The Mayor of Pigtown by Siobhan
April 16, 2002The Sweet Sixteen Party - A Memory by Walter M. Jackman
March 12, 2002Prospect Park Trilogy by Ken Thompson
February 11, 2002Growing Up in Fort Greene by Arleen Santonas
February 04, 2002On the Naming of The Brooklyn Bridge by Ken Thompson
January 28, 2002My First Time by William S. Kennedy
January 21, 2002The Pony Man by Jerry Kelly
January 15, 2002Autumn by the Sea by Harvey Fields
January 08, 2002The Skate Key by Ken Thompson
December 26, 2001The BMT by Rev. Colman Nolan
December 06, 2001Chocolate 1944 by Walter M. Jackman
November 25, 2001She Knew by Ken Thompson
November 14, 2001Something's Not Right Here by Joseph A. DePinto
November 01, 2001Memories of Lenny by Joe Marshall
October 30, 2001Seventeenth Street by Joan Mase

Information for submissions:

  • Your narrative must be original. It may not be published elsewhere in any form.
  • Text should be as detailed as possible. Share your feelings, and include all the "local color" that other Brooklynites will recognize. Use real names of places. We're looking for visual descriptions, narrations of memorable events, and the incorporation of as much Brooklyn-related material as possible.
  • Your story may be fiction or non-fiction. Please indicate which it is.
  • Avoid or minimize discussions of present issues, comparisons or circumstances. Keep your story in the past.
  • Stories should be a minimum of 1,000 words in length. Longer, more substantial stories are preferred.
  • A narrative of an event, a person or a place is preferred over a collection of random memories.
  • Scanned photos (to accompany your narratives) are very welcome.
  • Submissions may be stored using WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Write, or as plain text (preferred). Please do not include web formatting (HTML) with your story.
  • We do not guarantee that all submitted stories will be published. If your submission is accepted for publication:
    • It be edited before publication. Editing may range from simple grammatical corrections to deletions or restructuring of entire paragraphs.
    • Your name will be published in the "by line" unless you request anonymity.
    • You'll be notified by email as soon as it goes online.
    • Your published story becomes the property of SofTech Consulting, host and owner of The Brooklyn Board.
    • No compensation will be tendered for your accepted and published entry.

So... Do you have a detailed, colorful story to tell about your experience growing up in Brooklyn? Would you like to have your story published here in The Brooklyn Board's Brooklyn Diary? If so, please submit it as a separate, attached file via email to .


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