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Use this page to add to The Brooklyn Board's list of "missing persons".
Please keep in mind that this list is intended to locate former Brooklyn residents only.
Your entry will remain on the list for one year unless you remove it sooner.
Only REGISTERED Brooklyn Board users may add to this list.

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Create an entry in The Brooklyn Board's Missing Person List as follows:

Missing Person's First Name (required):
Enter the person's first name and, optionally, a middle initial in this box. (For example: Jane P.)
Missing Person's Last Name (required):
Enter the person's last name in this box.
This is a free-form text box where you can provide any details that may help others identify the person for whom you're searching. For example, you may want to list the last known street address, school(s) attended, or a neighborhood hangout.
Email Address:
You must provide the email address you used to register with The Brooklyn Board. It must be in the format ''. Unless you provide an alternative email address (see below), this email address will be shown with your listing.
Enter your Brooklyn Board password.
Alternative Email Address:
If you prefer to be contacted at an address other than the one you have registered with The Brooklyn Board, enter it here. It must be in the format ''.
Your Name:
Enter your name here. If it's changed since you last had contact, or if you use(d) a nickname, you may want to enter more than one name. For example: Jane Doe (nee Jane Smith) "Blondie". If you leave this field blank, then the name you have registered with The Brooklyn Board will be used.

Once you've keyed in your entries, click on the ENTER DATA button. If your data is valid, it will be added to the list, and a confirmation screen will be displayed. If there are missing or invalid fields, an error message will be returned.

Use the "Reset" button to clear out the boxes and start over.

Once your entry is added to the list, you may not change or delete it. It will remain on the list for 90 days. If necessary, contact to have your entry changed or deleted.

Please note that the data entered here is subject to the same guidelines at Brooklyn Board messages. Anything abusive or improper will be deleted and the person responsible may be subject to additional penalties.

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