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Voting in Brooklyn, NY

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Posted by Glassman on Sunday, August 13th 2017:

In 1965, I went to register to vote in Brooklyn, NY; then, I had to present my high school diploma, to the voting officials. I don't know why that was required back then. I don't think that is required any longer. There was no other identification asked for. Afterwards, I was issued a voter registration card. I had to present the voter registration card every time that I went to the local voting precinct, which was in the cafeteria of P.S. 217. Hence, without getting political (as I am referring to the Brooklyn of the past), I can't understand the uproar over voting IDs, since we were always required to present the above document in Brooklyn, over 50 years ago. I remember that there were always long lines, when I voted at 217. It was not always a pleasant experience, to wait on those long lines. One time, when I gave the incompetent poll worker my ID card, he failed to give it back to me. When I asked him for the card back, he had the gall to state "Are you sure that I didn't give it back to you". I asked him if he thought that I wanted two voter ID cards; finally, that character gave me my card back. Also, there was another problem at election time. It appeared then (I don't know if is still the case) that people who were registered to vote in one party, could not vote in a primary of the other party. Some states have different rules concerning that. In any event, it was confusing to some voters. One "gentleman" came to the primary at 217, and became very vocal, when he was told that he wouldn't be aloud to vote, since he was not registered in the party of the primary, which was holding the election. Then, he started arguing with the 70th Precinct Patrolman who was stationed at the precinct. In those days, there was always at least one cop at every voting precinct in Brooklyn. Finally, the cop had enough, and stated "If you don't behave yourself and leave, I'll smack you right in your face". Finally, another voter intervened, and yelled at that loudmouth, who finally left. It should be noted that prior to voting at 217, the voting precinct was at a small church on Glenwood Rd., and Argyle Rd.

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