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Posted by arlenew on Saturday, July 1st 2017:

In Reply to: Dr. David J. Prince posted by O'Riley on Wednesday, June 28th 2017:

Most doctors (and dentists) treated us like family in those days. It was such a different world.

My pediatrician was Dr. Mendl Klepper on President Street. He was always dressed similar the way you describe Dr. Prince. I distinctly remember one visit when I was only about six or seven years old and had always been underweight, when he put his hands on my hip bones and warned my Dad to be careful with me because my bone structure foretold a future of overweight problems. He was right, unfortunately. By my teens I was exactly as he predicted and for the rest of my life I had to be careful.

As an adult I was lucky enough to go to Dr. Nathan Horowitz on Saratoga Avenue. He was not only a good doctor, a great friend, but also a lot of fun. One time my brother had made me laugh and somehow it triggered a physical problem that caused a kind of paralysis. Since that was still the days of polio Dr. Horowitz, who had his own heart problem, came racing up to our second floor apartment, sprayed me with something called ethyl chloride (like frozen ice in a bottle) and I was out of the paralysis.

When I was maybe fourteen or fifteen I was in his office taking a urine specimen when someone knocked at the door and he yelled back, "stay out. I've got a naked broad in here with me."

You certainly couldn't suffer from depression with him as a doctor.

As to today's medical profession, I was lucky enough not to have to go to a doctor for twenty years until last July when I fell and broke my hip. I had emergency surgery that night and when I came out of recovery I was unable to eat. Couldn't even look at food without feeling very sick. When I came home after five days in the hospital of not being able to eat my health aides couldn't get food down me either. I was having constant diarrhea and was losing a lot of weight. I told my aides, I told my physical therapist and I told my hip surgeon. None of them mentioned what I finally found out three months later when I was near death that I had contracted a bacterial infection at the hospital called c-diff. It's a very horrible infection and many people die from it, but the hospitals and doctors don't talk about it. I'm trying to publicize it as much as I can.

None of the doctors I was referred to, including the head of infectious disease, gave me any help. I read everything I could on the internet and eventually cured myself. I still have to be very careful though.

So we may have come far in our knowledge of medicine, but the bugs out there who want to do damage are getting stronger, too.

In case you don't know about c-diff, it can happen from over prescribing antibiotics, and it can happen from instruments or people in the hospital who don't take the necessary precautions. Do yourselves a favor and read about it and protect yourselves in case you have to take antibiotics or go to a hospital.

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