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Dr. David J. Prince

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Posted by O'Riley on Wednesday, June 28th 2017:

I wish to pay tribute to my late family Physician, Dr. David J. Prince of 657 Westminster Road, Brooklyn, NY., who maintained a solo practice at that location (corner of Foster Avenue), from 1945-1977. Unlike the medical practices of today, which are bureaucratic and red tape nightmares, I was always able to reach Dr. Prince personally, on his office telephone. He would always answer the telephone, at all hours, except when he was on vacation. I never needed an appointment to see him (it was first come, first served in his waiting room). Whenever I came there, his dog would bark very lously at the top of the stairs. One time, one of his dogs wouldn't stop barking. Dr. Prince came running out of his waiting room, and shouted to the dog "I'm here now, now shut up". His dog promptly complied! He would make house calls, and was a gentleman. He was always dressed neatly, with a bow tie; last, he also delivered babies. His practice was quite different from what one encounters today, with rude, indifferent and incompetent receptionists, and some Physicians who won't return telephone calls, and have a pompous attitude that "they can do no wrong". I miss those days in Brooklyn, when our Doctors treated us like family, and didn't consider us as "the enemy", as is the case today. Can anyone else on this site share similar experiences about their family Doctors, while growing up in Brooklyn?

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